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Odor-Tech gas odorants - services

Odor-Tech not only provides gas odorants to the industry, but also offers several specialty services related to the distribution and handling of these products.

In partnership with Bayou Engineering, Odor-Tech provides a high level of services and expertise. Who better to manage and operate your gas odorant service needs than the experts at Odor-Tech!

Internal distribution

Do you operate your own equipment fleet to redistribute your gas odorant internally to small, remote locations from your larger storage facilities? With our extensive fleet of equipment and experienced delivery technicians based in Pineville, LA, Odor-Tech can safely and efficiently manage your operation with potential cost savings for you. Working with Odor-Tech for your internal distribution needs will reduce your risk and liability exposure from handling and transporting gas odorants.

Delivery services

We offer delivery throughout North America.  Our delivery territory spans the US, Canada, and Mexico, including urban and rural areas.


We also provide:


  • Emergency delivery services: we will respond promptly to urgent situations, giving you greater peace of mind.
  • Closed-loop delivery system: our dry-break, closed-loop vapor recovery delivery system virtually eliminates odor releases during unloading into your tanks.
  • Highly trained team of delivery technicians: our delivery technicians are all DOT OQ (operations qualified) trained professionals whom you can trust to do the job correctly.

On-location filling

We offer on-location filling with Odor-Tech’s fleet.

Click here to learn more about our fleet.

Inventory management*

Let us manage your tank inventory with our remote monitoring. We will work with you so your tank has the odorant it needs to keep your gas safely odorized.

Other services available


We can enter your facility and safely take and analyze a sample to verify the integrity of your odorant.

Equipment/odorizer service*

We can supply, inspect and repair storage tanks, pipelines and odorizers.

Technical presentations*

We can give technical presentations to your employees on odorants. Let us bring our classroom to you.

Tank decommission*

Have an old odorant storage tank you need to remove? We can provide advice, as well as help with the removal.

New pipeline “pickling”*

New pipelines need to be “pickled” to provide enough oxidation so odorant will not be captured in the pipe itself.

Engineering designs*

Need to design a new odorant station? We can help with that.

Turnkey operations*
Farm-tap odorizer exchange program*

Temporary odorizer*

Available for rent. Keep your gas properly odorized in the case of an emergency or if you need to bring your system down for scheduled maintenance.


*These services are provided exclusively by Bayou Engineering of Pineville, LA. Contact them at 318-767-0820.