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Safety First

safety-first-signAs part of the Arkema group, Odor-Tech is signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter of the International Council of Chemical Associations. We are committed to Safety beyond our regulatory requirements. Odor-Tech is also an active member of the American Gas Association (AGA), to promote odorization best practices.

Always refer to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when using our products.

Type Spotleak / Ethyl Mercaptan / O Scent in our SDS links here-under:

In case of emergency

CHEMTREC provides 24/7 emergency response during the transport of our odorants. For any transportation issues, call: +1 800 424-9300 chemtrec_logo
For Medical assistance, please contact the ROCKY MOUNTAIN POISON & DRUG CENTER:  +1 866 767-5089 (24/7) rmpdc-logo


Safety of operations

Our closed-loop vapor recovery delivery systems are best-in-class and virtually eliminate odor releases during the odorant unloading. Our trucks and returnable cylinders match or exceed DOT regulations. Our on-site quality control laboratory allows Odor-Tech to check that odorant quality are in-line with our specifications and satisfies our customers’ requirements.

In case of odorant spill

Always refer to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling our products.


  1. STOP the leak: you have to spot the source of the leak and stop it
  2. CONTAIN the spill: you can use dike pigs to prevent the liquid to spread further
  3. ABSORB the spill: you can use absorbent powder or pads
  4. NEUTRALIZE the odor: you can use the O-Scent neutralizing agent to efficiently neutralize the odorant smell
  5. DISPOSE of the material: you can use over-drum. Wastes are to be processed by a specialized company.

Contact Odor-Tech to learn more about a more comprehensive spill emergency response.